• J. L. McGregor

    Title: Founder/Former President
    Started the Finmac Family in 1967

    As the founder of Finmac Lumber, Laurie created a very strong, customer oriented, family based business. Finmac Lumber's management and staff is very proud to continue providing the same quality of service and products today.

  • Today , we like to show that his integrity, ideals and respect, will continue to be at the forefront of our company.

  • W. F. (Bill) McGregor

    Title: President
    Joined the Finmac Family in 1974

    As the president, Bill oversees all aspects of Finmac Lumber. He specializes in the purchasing and large industrial account sales of all the hardwood and pine.

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  • Bruce McGregor

    Title: Comptroller
    Joined the Finmac Family in 1981

    As the financial comptroller, Bruce oversees all aspects of the finances, insurance policies and human resources at Finmac Lumber.

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  • Christina

    Title: Office Manager
    Joined the Finmac Family in 1989

    As Finmac Lumber's office manager, Christina oversees all aspects of the office and paperwork. She handles all credit inquiries and inventory control.

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  • Shawna

    Title: Accounts Payable Administrator
    Joined the Finmac Family in 2008

    Shawna has many duties with Finmac Lumber, but most importantly, she handles all accounts payable, and inventory costing.

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  • Marina

    Title: Administrative Assistant
    Joined the Finmac Family in 2000

    Marina has many duties at Finmac Lumber, her primary ones being data entry and invoicing. All of our sales documents cross her desk, including P.O.S. processing and balancing.

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  • Trevor Park

  • Title: Sales Manager
    Joined the Finmac Family in 1971

    As the sales manager for Finmac Lumber, Trevor oversees the sales team and all sales and marketing programs. He specializes in our softwoods and does all the purchasing for our cedar and Douglas fir.

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  • Rob Leishman

  • Title: Sales Representative
    Joined the Finmac Family in 1986

    Rob is the sales rep for most of the retail lumber yards that Finmac Lumber deals with. The territory that he covers includes Manitoba all of Northwestern Ontario and Saskatchewan.

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  • Alex Bird

    Title: Sales Representative
    Joined the Finmac Family in 2011

    Alex has 15+ years of retail lumber and building materials experience. Her knowledge combined with her customer oriented outlook, will provide you the help you need when placing your order.

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    Adrian Garden

    Title: Sales Representative
    Joined the Finmac Family in 1998

  1. Adrian has spent many years in the Finmac Lumber shipping department. He is very familiar with all grades of wood and many aspects of the company. Adrian now uses that knowledge on the order desk and can answer most of your questions.

  • Rob Watts

  • Title: Shipping and Receiving
    Joined the Finmac Family in 2005

    Rob is in charge of all loads being shipped or received at our 945 Elgin location. His duties include all paperwork, tallying and inventory control to ensure your order is looked after properly

  • Randy Dirks


  • Title: Operations Manager
    Joined the Finmac Family in 1986

  • As the operations manager, Randy oversees all production done at Finmac Lumber's Perimeter location. He manages the dry kilns, production flow, maintenance, and inventory. His specialized area of expertise is proper operation of our dry kilns.

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